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Tami Brannon-Quan, Ph.D., MFT, CAS

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Tami Brannon-Quan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Addiction Specialist. Her area of specialty is treating individuals with eating disorders and body image issues. Dr. Brannon-Quan has been counseling individuals, couples, families and leading groups since 1988. As the development of eating disorders is rising so is a poor body image among women in general. Working with women struggling with a poor body image has become a passion for Dr. Brannon-Quan. It is through this work, that she co-authored “Love Your Body: Change the Way You Feel About the Body You Have” with Lisa Licavoli, RD, CCN in 1996.

Dr. Brannon-Quan also co-facilitates the “Love Your Body Workshop”, an experiential workshop she and Lisa Licavoli, RD, CCN designed to help women heal their body image issues. She has taught at Saddleback College for the Summer Eating Disorder Institute and has been a guest speaker at schools, colleges, and other organizations to educate the community and professionals in the area of eating disorders and body image. Dr. Brannon-Quan has also worked in treatment facilities for eating disorders and chemical dependency providing Body Image groups and individual counseling. She has also assisted in program development for treatment facilities in the area of eating disorders.

Her private practice is in Mission Viejo, California. (949) 916-5330

Lisa Licavoli, R.D., C.C.N.

Nutrition Therapist

Lisa is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Traditional Naturopath specializing in Integrative Nutrition and Eating Disorder recovery. She has been in practice since 1979 and is a much sought after speaker, writer and counselor. Lisa takes a body-centered approach to health and healing, with nutrition as the foundation. Due to her extensive work with clients who have eating disorders, she co-wrote the book Love Your Body: Change the Way You Feel About the Body You Have. The book is designed to move people towards accepting their body by recovering from unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and body-hatred.
Lisa has helped thousands of people meet their health, weight, and fitness goals. She provides medical nutritional therapy for a variety of health-related issues. Besides counseling individuals and families, Lisa provides nutrition lectures for her corporate clients.
Lisa is extensively trained in the use of supplements and herbs, yoga, meditation, and counseling techniques to help assist people in attaining and maintaining their health and recovery. Without an adequate nutrient supply, a person may experience depression and anxiety, low energy, brain fog and memory loss, which are major obstacles to healing. Therefore, Lisa helps clients re-establish good eating habits and heal their relationship with food. Also, she utilizes cutting-edge laboratory tests to assess health status. These include neurotransmitter status, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, lipoprotein particle profile, delayed food hypersensitivity and fatty acid ratios.
As the founding chairperson of the Nutrition Therapist practice group, Lisa has helped guide her profession toward a better understanding of how to help clients make health changes. She has functioned as a mentor, community resource and taught student interns. Lisa taught college nutrition for many years.
Her office is located in Newport Beach, California. (949)646-4842