“I don’t know where I would be today without Tami and Lisa. Their patience, consistency, intelligence and knowledge of the field have translated into a working relationship full of love, acceptance and healing. I am so lucky to have these women in my life!” Kacey

“I have been working with Lisa and Dr. Tami over the past two years and their counsel has helped me more than words can express. Lisa has helped me address my eating issues, providing me with daily techniques and long-term plans in order to stay healthy and binge-free. Dr. Tami has been working with me to address childhood issues, as well as personal self-esteem and perfectionism. Between the two of them I feel that I have found a therapeutic "team" who not only understands my issues on a deeply personal level, but also works in conjunction with each others' specialties to provide me with strategies, affirmations, and insights for how I can be a healthier person in the journey of life.” Bernadette

“Tami and Lisa are a true power team! Working with both of them has not only saved my life but given me the tools and confidence to live a life that is beyond what I could've ever imagined for myself. Their knowledge about and passion for the healthy relationship between mind and body has motivated me to get well and stay well.” Annie

"When I first met Tami, I was a wreck. I was not only dealing with a substance abuse problem, I was trying to deal with my compulsive bingeing disorder as well as terrible body image. From my first meeting with Tami she put me at ease, and I immediately trusted her. Tami and I have worked extremely hard on my eating disorder as well as body image. She has truly been my lifeline and helped me discover the young woman that I was meant to be. I have been truly blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life, who took the time to work with me and really get to know the real me. I finally have gotten to the point where I am truly happy and love myself completely. I never thought I could be this happy with life. With hard work and dedication to bettering myself, anything is possible." Megan L.

“Lisa Licavoli has impacted my recovery in so many ways. She guided me along my path, even when I wasn’t sure I could keep going. Her nurturing, wisdom and support allow me to keep moving forward towards a new life without my eating disorder. I will always be eternally grateful for what Lisa has done for me.” T. Hall

Lisa has been a tremendous help to me in developing a healthy relationship with food and with myself. When I first started seeing Lisa, I was very hesitant to talk to someone about the way that I ate. It was a side of my life that I kept private, but Lisa was very kind and non-judgmental and I felt that she was someone that I could start to open up to. I had a past history of bulimia and anorexia, and though I was not active in them, my relationship with food was far from normal. My pattern was to restrict my intake during the day, and at night I would binge on tremendous quantities of food. I was terrified of becoming fat and therefore my binges would consist of bags of sugar free candy, and multiple bowls of lettuce. When I would engage in these binges I felt a sense of tension building up to the binge, then release and pleasure, and finally guilt following it, and fear that I would gain weight. After each binge I would firmly resolve not to do it again, but I always would. And so I had created a cycle that was unhealthy physically as well as emotionally. The healing I've done with Lisa has been a process. I have had to change my behavior and my thinking. First I had to come to an understanding of what my basic caloric needs were. She helped with meal planning and structure to get me to balance my calories out throughout the day. She helped me identify certain trigger foods that would lead to binges and helped me to with tools to avoid those until I had the power to make the choice of whether I wanted to eat them or not. Once I began to see food as fuel, rather than something to be ashamed of, Lisa helped guide me towards an optimal diet for a busy, athletic young woman. She has been essential at helping me choose real foods rather than processed and has also helped me use dietary supplements to enhance nutritional balance. Today, I choose to eat healthily because I simply feel better when I do; my portion sizes are appropriate for the level of activity that I do, and I no longer associate guilt with my food choices. I have more balanced energy levels, and I have increased my love and respect for myself. Thank you, Lisa, for your help! N. E.